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Security & Surveillance Systems

Security and Surveillance systems have become mandatory than an optional measure for businesses and homes. The benefits range from providing safety, reduce crime rates, monitor traffic, and public places, etc. Casecadeworld has in-house capabilities to deliver security solutions for apartment complexes, offices, factories, industrial areas, showrooms, and homes.

Casecadeworld experts will covers the security planning for your business and home. we care about your business and home with our technologies. We are the Hikvision cctv security system provider in Ajman UAE. Get a Quote or Contact us now.We provide the best Police approved CCTV camera Services & installations in Ajman UAE. Also, we provide web designing and development services in Ajman.

We provide:

  • Integrated security and surveillance solutions
  • CCTV and surveillance products
  • System integrations
  • Maintenance of security and surveillance systems
  • Migration from Analog to IP based solutions
  • Installations of monitoring screens and video wall controllers

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Our expertise includes delivering solutions that use:

  • Combination of compression technologies like H.264, M-JPEG, MPEG etc.
  • Analog and IP cameras, DVR, NVR, VMS, Network Video Servers, Matrix solutions etc.
  • Wired and wireless technologies
  • Video solutions that integrate analytics to enable
  • Automated alerts on motion, perimeter breaches, suspicious behavior or heat
  • Remote access via web
  • Search footages based on various parameters

We also provide support with:

  • Access control systems (Biometric, proximity and combination control)
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Integrations with building management systems
  • Provision of surveillance accessories

The surveillence products we recommend:

  • Hikvision
  • Samsung
  • Dahua
  • Panasonic